How drunk are you?!

Track your alcohol consumption

See how many units your current buzz is riding on and when it will end - so you can prevent it or look forward to it!

Estimate when you can drive

Based on worst-case math, see the estimated time at which your blood-alcohol level will reach 0.5

Add all kinds of odd-sized drinks

Not having a standard drink? Good! Add any drink with any alcohol volume to keep an exact overview

Simply made from shortcuts. Very easy to use - even when it's needed!

Made using apple shortcuts it can be used right from the lock-screen! Install it feature by feature by downloading custom shortcuts.

  • Display buttons right in the lock-screen!
  • Easy to install, feature by feature - shortcut by shortcut

Installation is easy! Just enable custom shortcuts and install the buttons you want

  1. Enable custom shortcuts
  2. Install the shortcut "I'm creating a user" to enable to others to work. No need to run this one.
  3. Install any or all of the shortcuts below depending on the feature(s) you want!

Install I'm having a beer

Adds one standard danish unit of alcohol (15ml) and estimates how it's effecting you, when you have 0.5/1000 in your blood and will be sober. Please note you should only this tool as an estimate, and never rely on it to make decisions, such as when to drive.

Install I'm having a custom beer

Adds alcohol based on the size and strength of your drink.

Install I'm deleting the last entry

Deletes the last drink added

Install I'm checking my Buzz

Check the stats last provided to you without adding or deleting anything